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Conscious values need a voice. Institutions with an ecological or social focus often experience difficulties with their positioning. What is marketing if our main goal is not the highest profit?

We support your project, association or company in building a bridge between your conscious ideas and the world without compromising on your ideals.


A word from Sophie Stark


Sophie is the founder of Starkes Design. She is based in Vienna/Austria, creating communications solutions from strategy to design with her team and partners.
As the daughter of a biologist and a journalist, I had a sometimes conflicting mix of interests early on. On the one hand, I found the world fascinating in its wild nature, preferably far away and independent of civilization. On the other hand, I was interested in communication. Especially the opportunities it brought to find key positions to unite people with quite different ideologies.

After a few years of classic communications experience, I decided to found my own studio. Free to devote my time to meaningful projects, I finally turned back to nature.

With Starkes Design I have found a group of people who also want to dedicate their work to meaningful projects. We create communication strategies for ideas with a focus on environmental protection or social development.

The longer my colleagues and I deal with this (often quite difficult) challenge, the clearer it becomes that we have to help fundamentally transform the world of communications.
"Always looking ahead and trying to creatively combine media and marketing trends in new, exciting, and sustainable ways."
"The core task of every marketing strategy today, must be the conception of products and services that are based on the philosophy of circular value creation and social justice.

Design practice, genuinely focused on innovation and co-creation, can design a world in which we want to live."
Léa Guénon, Ilustration & UX/UI Design
As a pretty damn talented person, Léa has become an illustrating UX/UI Designer, drawing for some of our most renouned clients.
Léna Djaïz,
Conception, Text
…is busy writing her
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