Sophie Stark is a full-hearted Designer, currently based in Vienna. She is creating brands and marketing solutions from strategy to design.
From an early age on I discovered my love for creation and aesthetics. After studying communication studies in Montreal, I graduated from the Master Class at "die Graphische" in Vienna.
With Graphic Design we transport ideas and information. The challenge – to reach as many people as possible. Aside from my passion for music, I cannot imagine anything more fulfilling than creating those bits and pieces that make our daily life more beautiful.
Having worked for renowned agencies and clients such as BraindsRWA, IKB or Richter, I decided to found my own studio in order to support smaller clients and have more closeness to the people I work with.
If you are interested in working with me or if you want to know more about my work, feel free to contact me.

Sophie Stark

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