G L E I N K E R S A U + S E E K U H
CD and Packaging
Corporate Design and Packaging for the two organic labels "Gleinkersau" and "Seekuh" by the farm "Seebauer". 
The farm which is located at lake Gleinkersee in Upper Austria is dedicated to raise rare organic pigs and cows, like the Galloway-Angus and the Pustertaler Sprinzen in 2012. They want a new recognizable label for their products, which leads to "Gleinkersau" and "Seekuh". The labels connect the visual of a lake with the animals. At the same time, the already existing CD "Seebauer" needs some adjustments. A new homepage is made, also new menues and seasonal advertising. 

Since 2012

Art direction - Sophie Stark

Fotos © Ingo Pertramer

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